“Lisa’s clothing is completely beautiful and she has a strong and ever growing list of keen customers.
In my line of work I come across a lot of different designers who have varying talents.
Some here to stay and some sadly not. I feel very sure that knowing Lisa her business will go
from strength to strength."

Lucy Ewing, Fashion Editor, Sunday Times Style


"I was lucky enough to have Lisa design my wedding dress. The whole experience was just perfect from start to finish. Lisa was brimming with suggestions but also listened to all my ideas/ visions and helped to make them a reality, so it felt like a brilliant collaboration (although in reality I don't know where I'd have been without Lisa's expertise and experience of all the different fabrics/ styles etc!) I felt that nothing was too much trouble for her and all the amazing people that work with her and there was never any rush.... Lisa is so passionate about what she does and so creative and talented. And all her work is so stylish yet original. I just wish I could wear the dress again!"

Anna Tyzack, Writer and Editor, The Daily Telegraph


“Lisa Redman’s designs capture the quality and romance of a bygone era. Her cocktail dresses
are exquisite one offs that one holds onto for a lifetime. The craftsmanship and her eye for detail set her
apart from any other designer.”

Olivia Falcon, Beauty Director, Tatler


"I've known Lisa Redman's work for nearly 6 years. I love her look - old fashioned glamour with a modern British twist. She uses beautiful colours and textures and the details are stunning."

Ewan Venters, CEO, Fortnum & Mason



“Lisa offers more than just beautiful clothes. Every piece she has worked on for me over the past five years has
exceeded my expectations, with her creativity, flawless execution and attention to detail combining to make the
results exquisite. She makes her clients feel special through her personal attention and treats every project, big or small
with great attention. I have never come across anything like it and know she has a fiercely loyal client base as a result.”

Helena Morrissey
CEO Newton Investment Management


"Lisa’s bespoke gowns are truly beautiful - her passion and skill comes through in every garment. Her choice of fabric and colour palette is feminine and romantic whilst retaining a classic and timeless quality.
Lisa’s bridal and occasional wear are created in consultation with the client ensuring that each step of the process is a collaboration and ensures that the client is never disappointed. Her loyal base is testimony to the quality of her work and personal commitment to each project."
Dee Bowman, General Manager, Quintessentially Gifts